BeSeenSports™ is Now a Social Media Platform!

TecFX  August 10   0 Comments 

When we started BeSeenSports™ we said we would be introducing new features while keeping the costs low or even unchanged. Well, this is an example!

BeSeenSports™ is now the ONLY full-blown, robust social media platform dedicated to helping athletes manage their academic and sports career from high school through pro level and life after sports! In addition to all the awesome features already on BeSeenSports™, below are just some of the new features of the platform.

  • Connect and follow other members of the platform
  • Teammates can be automatically connected on the platform, including respective coaches for team-wide communication
  • Members can @mention each other just like on other platforms for more direct communication
  • Coaches can communicate directly to his or her teams
  • Clubs can communicate across the whole organization
  • Teams can converse via a team feed

All of this is in addition to being able to research all the registered universities and colleges in the United States and not just the ones that have sports programs. Of course, student-athletes can keep their own respective notes on any school they are interested in.