Take an active role in taking your student-athlete career to the next level.

Of course, college coaches search for players, but it is a shot in the dark. When you reach out to them directly and show them your profile, they know you are actually interested in attending their school. This is not the how they feel when they receive a blanket email from one of those services.

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We provide you with the tools for success.

When you are building your BeSeenSports™ student-athlete profile you are creating a robust picture of yourself that can be proudly shared with college coaches. You are also honing your skills at marketing yourself. This will help you as you move forward in life, building your career one success at a time.

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Your BeSeenSports™ student-athlete profile is all about you.

We do not suggest other players to coaches while they are viewing your profile. There are also no ads on your website. When we say you get a complete website to showcase yourself to colleges, we mean it! Your website is acutely focused on you and you alone. This is why it is important to build a complete profile.

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Here are some more features you get on BeSeenSports™

Private Messaging

Having a private messaging center means you can check which coaches are interested in your from anywhere.

Video Upload

More and more coaches are interested in video of what you can do, from practice video to game footage.

Coach-to-Coach Messaging

A lot of times college coaches are interested in learning more about you from your current coaches.