This is how you get on the radar!

How BeSeenSports™ can work with showcases & camps

Student-athlete participation in showcases and camps is growing at a staggering pace. They are looking for an edge at every step and BeSeenSports™ can help increase their reach. Showcase and camp companies can earn a 10% commission for each new student-athlete membership while increasing value to their events. This is tracked via a customized affiliate link that brings your leads to a co-branded landing page which reinforces the partnership.


For less than the price of most equipment student-athletes can get all of the following features (with more to come soon!):

  • A complete website dedicated to their career!
  • Upload videos and photos!
  • Add stats!
  • Add grades and GPA!
  • Upload transcripts!
  • Talk about what you are seeking in the next stage!
  • Note your college eligibility!
  • Promote yourself to college coaches and be seen!
  • Secure notifications!


Let’s work together!

We want to work with and support organizations that share our goals and want to help athletes achieve theirs. Showcases and camps provide exposure and training. Both of which play a key role in advancing high school student-athletes to the college level. Help your student-athletes stand out by offering them a way to gain exposure beyond the in-person events. Parents invest a great deal in the future of their children. By integrating BeSeenSports into your program you can demonstrate how you play an integral part in training their children and also in paving the way for their future endeavors.


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