About BeSeenSports™

Our mission is to help you create a robust picture of your athletic and academic career. BeSeenSports™ helps you to showcase your abilities on and off the field to college coaches all over the nation.

We provide you a complete website where you can flaunt your academic and athletic career. This website gives you specific pages for athletics, academics, your picture and video gallery and more! Your BeSeenSports™ profile is all about you and no one else. The idea is to stand out from the competition, not increase it.


Build Your Career

BeSeenSports™ is a powerful, multifaceted, career management and marketing platform that enables student-athletes and professional athletes to highlight and market their skills in an entirely new way. More than just a single, muted page, BeSeenSports™ users have a more expanded profile. Allowing them to take control of their identity and moving from single dimensional profiles to a more in-depth website and online brand.

Promote Your Brand

Taking your athletic career to the collegiate level takes a lot of work and dedication on and off the field. Coaches are looking for good players to consider. They are seeking student-athletes that will benefit their programs. BeSeenSports™ helps you to create an online focal point so everything about your academic and athletic career is located in a single location. This makes it easy for them to see who you are.

Exemplify Yourself

Exemplify your academic and athletic career by creating an essay that highlights everything you bring to the table and explains how a school and program can benefit from having you on their team! An exemplification letter describes why you are head and shoulders above the rest. When done well, it sets the tone for your live interviews.