Fundraising - Live Seminars

Imagine hosting a live College Recruiting 101 seminar for your sports organization. Host a local seminar and receive a percentage of the admission fee as a donation! Your organization pays for hotel and travel for our speaker and you collect whatever admission you collect.

Eddie Johnson, PMP, CSM, Founder BeSeenSports

A certified Project Manager with over 20 years’ experience, Eddie is the Managing Director of Rebel Visions Corporation and founder of BeSeenSports™. Putting his project management experience to practical use, Eddie and his team built BeSeenSports™ to provide people with the tools they need to successfully navigate the college recruiting journey. Named by Eddie’s son, the platform was created to respond to what seemed to be an overly costly and confusing college recruiting industry.

Attending a major volleyball tournament in Washington, D.C., Eddie was introduced to Leah and an immediate friendship was born. Both sharing their mutual desire to remove the mysticism from the college recruiting process while simplifying the journey. Making the dream of playing sports in college an attainable goal for almost anyone willing to put in the work. The pairing of Leah’s knowledge and experience and Eddie’s project management approach to the journey are a natural fit and provide people with the facts and an actionable approach to completing this impacting life decision.

Eddie is engaged to do live seminars. Sharing his thoughts and experience to help people achieve their goals. From high school to college. From college to professional sports. From professional sports to life after sports. Eddie and his team work hard to share as much as they can so more people can be educated about the college recruiting process.